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IQ ACCENCIS Technologies?

  1. For Clients

    Our goal is to understand your business, your hiring needs, and your culture. Our process is to diligently document this information and use it to carefully make ontarget placements.

  2. For Job Seekers

    We care about you and your goals. We learn your career objectives and strive to bring you work that gives you happiness. We treat you with a high level of responsiveness and service.

  3. For Internal Team Members

    We involve you in the big picture, trust you, allow you to make decisions, and reward you for your contributions.

    Our goal is to build a great company and to be the best technology staffing firm.

    Our client list of success stories and our track record of client retention is a true statement to our commitment in ensuring the highest Quality of service to all our customers.

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Our team provides 24/7 support for client and organizations. a.

  1. Improving Employee Experience
  2. For Job Seekers
  3. Increasing Operational Efficiency
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IT Staffing & Recruiting


You may have a long-term project where you want our resource to commit to a certain length of time. This will guarantee that our talent won’t leave you for a full-time position until the contract period is over. We are very fortunate that most of our contractors have the software required to continue their assignments from home uninterrupted.

Software QA & Testing

The QA Process For Better Customer Experience And Businesses To Perform Superior With Technology. Our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-access testing and auditing of your software. Excellence Being a Pioneer Of Web And Mobile App Services, Consider Mobile App Testing As a Fundamental Part Of Every Development. To Help Our Clients In Meeting Their Quality

Android Development

Developers and project management experts to work on your latest idea to develop Customization is all we need for business. And android is customized where you integrate and tweak the mobile application

Software Development

Software Development is a process used by the software industry to design, develop and test high quality software. IQ ACCENCIS aims to produce a high-quality software that meet or exceeds customer expectations, reaches completion with in times and cost estimates.

Web Designing

IQ ACCENCIS provide amazing websites for small and medium scale enterprises.

Our Strength Our website design team analyses the business opportunities and client expectations for effective website designing service, client expectations and discuss with website designers.

BPO Services

Our company contracting its core business support operations such as account, payment processing, IT services, human resources, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance to outside professionals who ensure the business runs smoothly.


Ever since the arrival of the novel Coronavirus, the nation has had to adapt to the comparatively new methods of getting work done.

Ranging from relying more on e-marts for groceries and daily necessities to adapting and setting up remote workstations in the house, the nation had to adapt to the altogether new norm.

  1. Savings in extra expense

    One of the advantages of remote working is the saving of extra expenses. In India, apart from rent, traveling is the second major expense for most employees.

    Also, employees spend extra in the office cafeterias, on petrol price, toll fees, and other miscellaneous items. With work from home, all such extra expenses have been limited.

  2. Exclusion of commute time

    Traveling in metros takes a lot of time and energy. Employees who had to travel for a minimum of 2 hours or more on workdays used to feel drained on finally reaching the office.

    One of the advantages of working from home is doing away with traveling time. This saves time and gives way to better productivity, as you do not need to travel to the office.

    For example, a task that used to take 4 days to complete on a normal office day can be completed in less time when working from home.

  3. More independence

    In a normal office environment, you find yourself switching between tasks a lot and get many opinions on a task’s priority. However, during remote working, with proper time management and discipline, you have more independence regarding your work.

    This can help you to add your flair to your work, prioritize your tasks, and take ownership of the tasks assigned to you.

  4. More flexibility

    Another work from home advantage is work flexibility. Without having to travel for work, employees can save up a lot of time and work as per their most productive hours.

  5. Reduced costs

    During normal times, companies apart from paying their employees incurred several other expenses such as electricity, rent, maintenance costs of elevators and security systems, etc.

    Therefore, it can be stated that one of the major benefits of working from home that companies have enjoyed is the reduction in extra costs.